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Bristol Robotics Lab
Thursday 12th and Friday 13th January 2023

The UK Robot Manipulation Workshop has been held regularly since 2016, with past workshops at the University of Birmingham (February 2016), Imperial College London (July 2017), and the University of Leeds (April 2019). On each occasion, the two-day workshop has brought together around 100 members of the UK's robot manipulation community, from both academia and industry, for a range of talks, tutorials, poster sessions, lab tours, and networking events.


The workshops are designed around community building, and so due to the pandemic, we decided to delay the next workshop rather than hold virtual workshops during the pandemic. And so finally, we are now very excited to be organising the 4th workshop, to be held in person in Bristol in January 2023. See you there!

We would like to encourage you to present your work at one of the workshop's poster sessions. Please see the call for posters for details on how to contribute.

Important dates

18th December 2022  -  Poster submission deadline
20th December 2022  -  Notification of poster acceptance

12th/13th January 2023  -  Workshop

A montage of the recent robot manipulation research taking place across the UK:

Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 13.48.18.png

Thank you to our sponsors:

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